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A selection of information from the Beaufort Wind Scale



Name Wind speed State of the sea-surface Wave height* (m)
English Danish Faroese knots ms-1
0 Calm Stille Logn <1 0.0-0.2 Sea like a mirror. 0
1 Light air Svag luftning Fleyr 1-3 0.3-1.5 Ripples with appearance of scales; no foam crests. 0.1-0.2
2 Light breeze Svag brise Lot 4-6 1.6-3.3 Small wavelets; crest have glassy appearance but do not break. 0.3-0.5
3 Gentle breeze Let brise Gul 7-10 3.4-5.4 Large wavelets; crests begin to break; scattered white horses. 0.6-1.0
4 Moderate breeze Jævn brise Andøvsgul 11-16 5.5-7.9 Small waves, becoming longer; fairly frequent white horses. 1.5
5 Strong breeze Frisk brise Stívt andøvsgul 17-21 8.0-10.7 Moderate waves taking longer form; many white horses and chance of some spray. 2.0
6 Strong breeze Kuling Strúkur í vindi 22-27 10.8-13.8 Large waves forming; white foam crests extensive everywhere and spray probable. 3.5
7 Moderate gale Stiv kuling Hvassur vindur 28-33 13.9-17.1 Sea heaps up and white foam from braking waves begins to be blown in streaks; spindrift begins to be seen. 5.0
8 Fresh gale Hård kuling Skrið 34-40 17.2-20.7 Moderately high waves of greater length; edges of crests break into spindrift; foam is blown in wellmarked streaks. 7.5
9 Strong gale Storm Stormur 41-47 20.8-24.4 High waves; dense streaks of foam; sea begins to roll; spray may affext visibility. 9.5
10 Whole gale Stærk storm Hvassur stormur 48-55 24.5-28.4 Very high waves with overhanging crests; sea-surface takes on white appearance os foam in great patches is blown in very dense streaks; rolling of sea is heavy and visibilty reduced. 12.0
11 Storm Orkanagtig storm Kolandi stormur 56-64 28.5-32.7 Exceptionally high waves; sea covered with long white patches of foam; small and medium-sized might be lost to view behind waves for long times; visibility further reduced. 15.0
12 Hurricane Orkan Óðn >64 >32.7 Air filled with foam and spray; sea completely whit with driving spray; visibility gratly reduced. >15

* H1/3 i.e. the significant wave height



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