Professional links



Roadie links:


Gøgler Lys


Rentcom. This one is also cool

Sideas. Although not my league, it's still interesting

SOS Communications. Several wonderful links.

Soundwawe. Now, this is a really fancy site, studios, desks equipment etc.

SSL. This is totally an adult page. If you're under 18 then please leave now!!! If above, then ENTER

Studio link

tc-electronics. They make good signalprocessors

The 'Language of Rock'n'Roll

Turbosound, the best speakers ever!!!

Various guitars. Although not my league, it's still interesting

Hydrology links:

DHI, Danish Hydraulic Institute

DMI, Danish Meteoroligical Institute, a site that is available in English and Danish telling us what we want to know about the weather.

DMI, Danish Maritime Institute

ISVA, Department of Hydrodynamics and Water Resources









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